Rearview Mirror for 2/22/2015


A linear recap of the past week’s thoughts and events.

Sunday: After listening to a sermon on Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, we all took this test. Try it! Our results led to a hilarious discussion around the dinner table.

Monday: On President’s Day, while most of the country was covered in snow, we shopped for bikinis.

Tuesday: I called customer service at Lifeproof about Cherry’s mangled phone case, expecting to be told, “Tough luck, lady.” Instead, they’re shipping us a new case. Yeah!

Wednesday: Another concert performance for Coco, singing this time.

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Thursday: Happy Chinese New Year! My friend, Teri, hand-stamped this gorgeous card. We’ve been long distance friends ever since our families traveled to China together to adopt babies. It’s impossible to believe those babies are now high school freshmen. Best wishes to Teri (and all of you) in the Year of the Sheep.

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Friday: Bacon and I explored the shops at Pearl, billed as a culinary and cultural destination in San Antonio, Texas. In a beautiful home goods store called The Tiny Finch, I fell in love with this feather drawing. I’d love to credit the artist, but there’s no signature.

yellowsnowSaturday: We took the girls to Bahama Bucks, trendy shaved ice with the slogan, Eat Yellow Snow. Coco obliged by ordering banana, reminiscent of Laffy Taffy.

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Rearview Mirror for February 15, 2015

A linear recap of the past week’s thoughts and events.

Sunday: Coco played violin in a concert at Trinity University. We saw old friends in the audience. Their daughter played in the same concert with a different group. Small world.

Monday: Coco had an orthodontist appointment and another orchestra concert. This time at school. Cherry made club swim practice. Mom and Dad racked up the miles in the minivan.

Tuesday: Bacon watched Cherry be recognized for being a District Qualifier in swimming. I went to a coordinator’s meeting for the summer swim league.

Wednesday: I met my friend, Kandi, for coffee and drove the carpool to the pool. This article inspired me.

Thursday: I made both of my teenagers read this article about the perils of social media.

heartcakeFriday: I baked a heart-shaped cake for Bacon.

Saturday: We all celebrated Valentine’s Day with cake for breakfast and a hike.

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Rear View Mirror for February 8, 2015

A linear recap of the past week’s thoughts and events.

Sunday: I worked on a publishing schedule for this blog and posted my reading list for the month of January.

Monday: Bacon went back to work. It’s amazing the stuff I can accomplish in an empty house.

Tuesday: It’s more amazing how much time I can waste surfing the internet.

Wednesday: I’ve been meeting a friend once a week for coffee. We were coworkers, who spent all of our working minutes together. Then, I quit to be Cherry and Coco’s mom. She kept teaching, retiring twice. She was called back when it was obvious the person hired to be her replacement couldn’t fill her tiny, size five, shoes. Except for a funeral or two, we’ve been apart for most of the past fifteen years. We have a lot to talk about.

Thursday: I wrote all day, and I retweeted this tweet.

Friday: Without checking, Bacon and I both brought home pizzas for dinner. Four. Pizzas. Are. Two. Too. Many.

Saturday: Coco swam in a swim meet. Cherry spoke in a speech tournament. Bacon filed our income tax. I facilitated everything.

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