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Carolyn Keene

At a garage sale a few blocks from our house, Cherry sat down in the driveway and began reading from a big pile of paperbacks marked, FOR SALE, $1.00 EACH. As we were leaving, she asked, “Mama, can I have one?”

“Pick two.” I gave her the money to pay.

Cherry deliberated over the second book. When the decision was finally made, she handed the lady wearing the money apron, $2.00.

“Take the whole set. I’ve been looking for a little girl to give those books to.”

So, instead of two books, we left with a cardboard box of 20 Nancy Drew Mysteries, and they’ve been a fixture in our family room ever since.

Last week, I went to the San Antonio Romance Authors (SARA) meeting. The speaker was Susan Wittig Albert, author of the China Bayles Mysteries. Susan also wrote Nancy Drews under the pseudonym, Carolyn Keene. Both, Cherry and I were very impressed.┬áIt isn’t often I get to meet a real celebrity.