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Rear View Mirror for 3/15/2015

A linear recap of the past week’s thoughts and events.

Sunday: Spring Break. My girls are home all week. Bacon is between contracts. We don’t have travel plans. It’s raining. Time for popcorn and Harry Potter movies.

Monday: In honor of our Harry Potter marathon, I found this list. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

grandma treeTuesday: We call this Oklahoma Redbud, The Grandma Tree. We planted it in our backyard in memory of my mother. The tree blooms on the anniversary of her death. It reminds me how blessed I am to have been her child.

familyenchantedrockWednesday: The four of us piled into the minivan for a day trip to Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg. At the summit we asked another traveler to snap this family portrait.

Thursday: Last week, The Sound of Music turned 50. Click the link in the tweet below to read the funniest post ever about the classic movie.

Friday: We celebrated TGIF with a DVD from the San Antonio Public Library. The menu featured Margherita Pizza and George Clooney in The Monuments Men.

Saturday: Happy π Day of the Century! 3.1415

Stats for the week: 309 Views, 109 Visitors, 45 Likes, 1 New Follower, Most popular post: Not Quite Stieglitz for 3/12/2015