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Rearview Mirror for February 15, 2015

A linear recap of the past week’s thoughts and events.

Sunday: Coco played violin in a concert at Trinity University. We saw old friends in the audience. Their daughter played in the same concert with a different group. Small world.

Monday: Coco had an orthodontist appointment and another orchestra concert. This time at school. Cherry made club swim practice. Mom and Dad racked up the miles in the minivan.

Tuesday: Bacon watched Cherry be recognized for being a District Qualifier in swimming. I went to a coordinator’s meeting for the summer swim league.

Wednesday: I met my friend, Kandi, for coffee and drove the carpool to the pool. This article inspired me.

Thursday: I made both of my teenagers read this article about the perils of social media.

heartcakeFriday: I baked a heart-shaped cake for Bacon.

Saturday: We all celebrated Valentine’s Day with cake for breakfast and a hike.

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