Looking For Inspiration


I’m looking for something to write about this week.  Here are a few random thoughts.  


I heard this aerosol can hissing sound in the kitchen.  After several days, I decided that it was coming from the refrigerator.  When I pulled the big white box out of its place, I found a small puddle of water.  It’s a bad thing to have a wood floor in a kitchen.  I called the appliance guy.  He is a very important person to know if you have a hard time parting with cash.  You see, Sears charges $169 per house call, even if they do nothing.  The appliance guy charges $25.  He shined a flashlight into the back of the freezer and told me what I already knew.


“You have a leak,” and then, he told me the bad news, “It is leaking behind the inside wall of the freezer.  Unplug it for three days and call me when the ice melts.”


I rolled the giant box into the family room that has a water friendly, brick floor. Then, I waited.  Three days and a jillion trips to the grocery store later, Appliance Guy returns.  He fixed the machine for less than a hundred dollars.  End of story.  


Bacon sort of started a new job. He went for training for a temporary (hopes to make permanent) position at a major educational publishing company. After the single day of training, he must sit and wait until they call him again.  He may be sitting until mid-February, or they may call him in on Monday.  It’s all up in the air, just like it has been for months.  I named my husband, Bacon, but I’m still waiting for him to bring some home. 


Because we have this disrupted routine, it is impossible to plan anything. Leaving town isn’t an option.  Staying means being inside way too much. Our winter has turned into cold, wet spit.  It’s not really rain, and it’s not ice.  Instead, we have wet drizzle approximately 36 degrees Fahrenheit. It feels like cold hippo spit.


It’s lousy weather for taking pictures. I went outside and pointed the camera at the single green thing in my yard, a clump of cilantro.  I photographed the bare branches of the hackberry tree.  The birds won’t stay still long enough to get a good shot, especially if the dog is hanging around.  Lilly Tang, the schnauzer, looks innocent enough, but she is a sneaky bird murderer.  


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