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Bunny Day with Birthday Bash

I’m posting photos today.  In our little Crispy-Critter family, we have a few interesting traditions. Sunday allowed us to combine them.  So… here is a little tradition soup for Monday morning.  Whenever we can, we eat birthday cake for breakfast.  It takes the worry out of the day.  No matter what else happens on your birthday, you’ll have a good day because you’ve already had your cake. img_2260.jpg Bacon got help blowing out his candles from Coco and Cherry.  The picture is out of focus because it’s 8:00 a.m.  I haven’t had coffee yet, and the digital camera is set to portrait mode by accident. Our big Easter event has to do with crushing cascarones (confetti filled hollowed eggshells) on each other’s heads.   img_2269.jpgHere are my little loves with cascarone hair.  It is a badge of honor to get crunched on Easter morning.  Although we do this outside, I’m still picking debris out of the carpet.  After the ritual egging, we go back inside to decorate our breakfast.  img_2264.jpg Egg decorating entails drawing smileys on hard boiled eggs with markers (non-toxic, of course).  Afterwards, we peel and eat the masterpiece.  img_2265.jpgI hope you had a fabulous holiday and celebrated with a few traditions of your own.

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