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The Dirty Dozen–Er (2 in Chinese)

I made the flower bed bigger.   I made the flower bed bigger.

Weekends are really distracting. when you work at home, it’s hard to draw the line between work and life.

It took me a while to get started. Instead of writing, I moved the border of the flower bed by the fence. With the garden hose as a guide, I placed bricks next to it in a line. The bricks are rough on my hands, and I have to bend over. It’s not a good position for a perpetuallly dizzy person. I couldn’t stop until I finished the first row, and then, added a layer on top of it. It’s hard, lousy work, but at the time, it was less complicated than finding today’s thousand words. 

On some days, the worst chores are better than the pain of creation. I moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer, and unloaded the dishwasher, and thought about Bacon, who was with the girls, at the chess tournament. The entire time, I stalled, looking for any excuse to avoid writing.

Finally, I refocused. That awful empty feeling chewed at me. It never goes away unless I write. So, I did. I found a thousand words to string together. Afterwards, I said to myself, That’s it? Why did I stall? That wasn’t so bad.  As Cherry says, “Easy, Peezy, Lemon Squeezy.” 

I rewarded my meager effort by joining my family at the chess tournament. Coco won 3rd place.

Coco with her 3rd Place trophy.
Coco with her 3rd Place trophy.

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