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The Dirty Dozen–3/12ths

I have a friend that has three chickens in her backyard. In our urban neighborhood, that’s a little unusual, but not illegal. One day the chickens flew the coop. My friend asked the next door nieghbor if she had seen them. The neighbor said, “They paraded past my house an hour ago. I wondered then if they were supposed to be out of the yard.” She could have knocked on my friend’s door or picked up the phone, but instead, she contemplated if chickens should be allowed to roam free.

I’ve heard of free range, but that’s ridiculous. 

That evening, the birds came home to roost. My friend chased them around the yard and returned them to the coop, removing a few essential feathers in the process.

Whatever idea I had when I started this post, evaporated after I typed 3/12ths in the title above. That’s the problem, my ideas have sprouted wings and flown the coop. Today’s mission is to write badly until a good idea comes back home to roost.

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