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The Dirty Dozen–11

Yesterday, I wrote one page, long hand, as I was sitting in the doctor’s office wearing a paper towel. Before the nurse left the room, she said, “Here’s your gown and here’s your drape. Put those on and wait for the doctor.”

I couldn’t tell which was which. I managed to find a set of arm holes, but when I pushed my hands through, the paper ripped. I wrote the page as I was holding those strips around my body.

When the doctor came in, I joked about the paper products. She apologized. OSHA prohibits her from taking cloth home to wash. The cost to have gowns done in an OSHA-approved facility was outrageous.

Along with the indignity of wearing a paper towel, I was awarded two shots, for flu and Tetanus. It’s good I wrote extra pages on day ten.

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