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Winter Gardening

If you can call it winter in San Antonio, I spent several hours outside today. I pulled the dead morning glory vines off my Old Blush rosebush, and planted lettuce seed in the bed where, yesterday, I yanked up the tomato plants. We had our first freeze last night. My whole family was outside after dark picking green tomatoes and covering the container garden.

I’ve been planning to move the five lavender bushes I grew from seed.  They were scattered, and I wanted to consolidate for a bigger show. Digging new holes, I moved the plants, one at a time, to their new home. When I pulled up the first shovelful of lavender, I stuck my hand under the blade to steady the roots. That’s when I felt the sting.  The little lavender was growing in a fire ant den. My right hand was covered with bites. I washed the off the ants, and finished the job. Then, I slathered on hydrocortisone and popped a couple Benadryls. The sting is no longer staggering, but still uncomfortable.  Gardening is over for the day.  

It’s audacious to plant anything in December. Audacity–can I use that word?

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