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Sunday: Crisp@Random

  • Here’s the thing about doing anything for the first time. I find all kinds of things that don’t work. I stumble around in the land of Chaos looking for what is Repeatable
  • I’m rewriting. Rewrite is different than Revise.  To revise means to change a word here or there. Maybe, I’ll move a comma or cut a scene. Rewriting means sitting with a marked-up tattered manuscript and retyping it into a completely new file. Every word, every space is examined. I know I have the whole story next to me, but I’m a perfectionist. I have to try every idea and pick the best one. I’m on page 66. I can do three to five pages a day before I’m a maniac.
  • When will the manuscript be finished? When it is, I’ll know.
  • How do I know if it’s funny? If I can make Bacon laugh, it works. Getting ANY reaction from him is good.

Link Soup

  • Author, Susan Wiggs is running an interview series on writing that’s been very helpful. Check out The View From Here . The interviewer is Deb Bouziden, and the posts begin on March 1, 2009 with Rolling Up My Sleeves.
  • Author, Jennifer Crusie posted another wonderful collage for a current work. Take a look here. I’m amazed by the visuals she creates.
  • Suzanne Vega inspired me with her NYT post about song writing and the value of arts education. Read it here.

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