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Crisp Update

I haven’t blogged lately. Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about:

  • BBC#1 was here last weekend. We had a great time mostly sitting around watching the flowers grow, playing with digital cameras and laptop computers, and drinking tons of coffee.
  • My garden is growing. Expect an detailed report soon with photos.
  • Swim season is starting. Chinese Lessons are ending. This time of year, the girls’ schedule moves into a high gear. They are anxious to get into the pool again.
  • Bacon is still temping, but he has already been interviewed for two, good full time jobs. Say a prayer for us.
  • In spite of what you might hear on the news, I don’t know a single person with the flu, and school is in session.
  • I’m working steadily on my book. My goal is three pages a day. I write all morning. It’s going well.

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