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They Look Just Like You

My two daughters, born in China, have two friends, sisters born in Ethiopia. One day last week, their mom asked me a question about naturalization for international adoptees. In the middle of our discussion, E., who is nine like Cherry, interrupted.

“You mean Coco was adopted?”

“Yes, just like you and your sister.”

E. is a bright, effervescent bubble. She sparkles whenever she speaks. “Really? How about Cherry?”

“Cherry was adopted too.”

“Wow!” Looking at me out of the corner of her eye, she asked, “If they’re adopted, how come they look just like you?”

It took me a second to realize she was serious, and she expected an explanation.

“You shrug your shoulders the exact, same way your mom does. Coco laughs like I do. Cherry has my smile. I guess, when we spend time together, we become like the people we love the most.”

E. nodded her head thoughtfully. “My mom and I don’t look anything alike.” She hugged her mom and ran off to play.


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