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A New Season

Our Old Blush rose bloomed for the first time this year. Four perfect blooms after a long hard winter.

Although spring is still a few weeks away, the seasons are changing at our house. For those of you who have followed the winter of our economic discontent, Bacon accepted a full-time position today. His first not-temporary job since he quit teaching. He starts to work Monday. When the phone rang, we were talking about how he could go to school for another job he’d been considering–six months away from home with very little income. He was ready to do it, if it meant finding work. Life can change in an instant.

A flame red cardinal drank from the birdbath today. We haven’t seen one up close for a long time. Cherry said, “It’s our lucky day.” I agree. It’s a sign.

4 thoughts on “A New Season

  1. Big Congrats for him! what’s he going to be doing? isn’t is awesome how things seem to work out, when things seem at their worst? we have definately been there! sounds like he deserves some ice cream!


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