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Transitional Devices

We know a time is coming when we will be able to: replace the broken dishwasher, install a new garage door opener, buy organic. We aren’t there yet, but soon. Soon the Crispies will cash a paycheck and join the middle class again. It’s thought provoking. Transformational. But first, week two:

Bacon is a quality inspector for a major automobile manufacturer that will remain nameless because . . . this is my blog, and I don’t want a million hits from people mad about their brakes. There. I’ve said too much. He had a great week. We are happy and oh-so-relieved.

Coco is nervous. We’ve heard, “You have to play with me, let me pick the movie, buy me ice cream because I’m having eye surgery.” Always the opportunist, she is going to be just fine.

Cherry is happy to have spring break this week.

I have the next seven months of writing days scheduled. And. I have to figure out how to get wallpaper unstuck from the bathroom wall, so it can be painted. This is harder than seven months of writing. I’ve given up twice. I even bought a thimbleful of paint to see if  it would cover the paper. It doesn’t. As soon as Coco has recovered, I’ll be exploring more options in wallpaper removal products.

I leave you with this thought: You know you are in transition when your husband accidentally puts Metamucil in his coffee. You know it’s serious when he drinks the coffee anyway.

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