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Coco Crisp Update

Coco looked in the mirror yesterday. “Mom, I look awful.”

“Don’t look. It’ll go away in a few days.”

She shrugged and moved on without obsessing, satisfied that I’d told her the truth. I wish I had that much self-control.

Her strabismus surgery took longer than expected–almost two hours. She is a tough kid. She never tossed her cookies–several of the kids in post-op did–and, she hasn’t asked for even one dose of Tylenol. Her eyes are red and swollen. She has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, and then hopefully, she will go back to school. But she’ll miss P.E. and outdoor recess. She can’t have any mean boys poke her in the eye with sticks. (That actually happened the second day of kindergarten. He was suspended from school.)

About the surgery, she said, “I’m never doing that again.”

I hope she doesn’t have to because when Coco makes that kind of statement, she means it.

2 thoughts on “Coco Crisp Update

  1. I’m so glad the surgery is over. It’s hard on the kids and the parents. And what a together kid, to not be obsessing over how she looks in the mirror.


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