Wednesday Check-in · Writers Write

Wednesday Check-in

Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook: 55 tasks completed out of 591 possible,  2 since 6/2.

Miles walked: 3.5 since 6/2

I’m more than half-way through the tabbed  manuscript. Some of the new scenes are place-keepers. The problems will be ironed out in rewrites, but the story’s skeleton is morphing. I’m discovering things about secondary characters that I didn’t know. The dumb jock is really a secret computer geek. And, there is at least one tactic too terrible for even the villain to consider. Chapter Seven, the current lesson, has been the hardest and the most helpful work so far. The end of the story is in front of me, but I see major changes in the next twenty pages.

I’ve had trouble finding time to walk since the girls finished school. I’m always with them, and they aren’t keen on walking when I need to. Today, I managed a mile and half around our neighborhood while they were at swim team practice. One of the other moms babysat, so I could get a little exercise.

At the end of swimming, Cherry won a bet with her coach. She swam a 25 meter freestyle without taking a single breath. She cut her time to 16.4–more than two seconds faster than her fastest race time. Very good for a ten year old girl swimming summer league. It was very cool to see her coaches and teammates cheering for her when she got out of the pool.

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