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Wednesday Check-in

Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook: 53 tasks completed out of 591 possible,  0 since 5/26

Miles walked: 5 since 5/26

I finally have a draft of the synopsis I’m not ashamed of. Here’s the opening paragraph:

First year teacher and Harvard graduate, Annie Smart teaches at Kennedy Memorial High School, also known as K-Mart, a big box where the pinging triple tone of the tardy bell sounds like an alert for a blue light special. She views the place as a benevolent factory until Evelyn Bozono, the school’s principal, steals her master’s thesis, “A Comparison of the Paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe with the Novels of Charles Dickens.” If Annie fights for her work, she will lose her job.

I’m back to implementing Chapter 7: Defining Personal Stakes on pages 48 and 49. The good news is I have a real clue about the direction the book needs to take. The bad news is always the same; it’s hard work to make the changes. Yesterday, I printed another hard copy and tabbed twenty-five places where new plot threads need to be added. Without regard to time, I’ll dive in on the first page and work my way through.

Yesterday, while walking, I saw a doe with a tiny fawn. I’ve seen a deer with a baby before, but never as small and fuzzy as this one. The fawn’s spots were so clean and white–she looked like a cartoon Bambi.

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