Joined at the Heart

Not For Sale

Trillium5The little trailer is sitting in my driveway. It’s been there for two months. I finally managed to toss the dirty coffee cup, the gas receipts and spare toothbrush from my brother’s last camping trip. It’s hard. I’m not ready yet to make decisions about its future.

Trillium6You can see it needs work. Paint. New seat covers.Trillium4 A thorough scrub.

Trillium3My neighbor offered cash for it. She wasn’t the first. But I can’t sell it. Not Yet.

Here’s why.Trillium1Trillium2

4 thoughts on “Not For Sale

  1. It’s always difficult letting go of reminders of our lost loved ones. I have more than my share of keepsakes for that very reason. Clean it up and take your loved ones camping as tribute to your brother?


  2. It’s hard to letgo of these feelings. Thanks for including the picts of Dad and George. Helps me remember them and those good days at HG camp. Whatever you do with the trailer is OK, it served well and the memoryies are still there


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