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False Assumption

falseassumptionI have a neighbor, who sends me junk email. Specifically, she posts political propaganda in opposition to my beliefs. She doesn’t mean to be malicious (at least not to me personally. She’s very malicious in her views.) She simply believes I think like she does.

I delete the emails. I read the first few words to make sure it’s spam. And then, I hit the D button.

I’m tempted to hit return and debate the garbage, but it wouldn’t change her mind. I’m tempted to put a placard in my front yard like the neighbor down the street, No Selfishness. Or a bumper sticker on my car, Vote for ___. I’m tempted to sign her up for all of my liberal leaning political action groups, but the message would be lost on her.

Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” I’ve built a twenty-first century fence around my property, a boundary of non-response.