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Rearview Mirror for 3/29/2015

A linear recap of the past week’s thoughts and events.

CoffeewCanineJazzy3Sunday: I look forward to driving Coco to orchestra rehearsal. I get to work on my book at a bakery with great coffee and free WiFi. It’s my new Sunday office.

Monday: Jazzy is still basking in her new-found celebrity. In case you missed it, she’s the pooch on Coffee With a Canine.

Tuesday: Come on, Princeton Review. You’re writing test questions for teens. Did you expect them not to notice?

Wednesday: I finally got around to watching, This is Where I Leave You. I liked the movie, especially Jane Fonda as Mom, but not as much as I loved the book.  It must have been hard for Jonathan Tropper to compress all those characters into two hours of dialogue.

Thursday: We have tired swimmers at our house. Middle-schooler Coco swam the high school set for the first time, and Cherry swam a timed 2000 meters. For us metrically illiterate Americans, that’s about a mile and a quarter at top speed.

Friday: This is great advice. I wonder how long it took Steinbeck to write the chapter in Grapes of Wrath where the terrapin crosses the road? It took me forever to read it. 

Saturday: I watched Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Saturday Night Live. I didn’t realize he was so funny!

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