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Rearview Mirror for 4/5/2015

A linear recap of the past week’s thoughts and events.

Sunday: We’re dressed for church. I asked, “Where’s the dog?” Bacon answered, “I let her outside.” Coco opened the door and called. No dog. The gate was open. The schnauzer was gone. We mobilized. Coco, Bacon, and I went out the front door. Cherry went out the gate. “Jazzy. Jazzy. Jazzy.” A woman jogged by, smiling and pointing. “Have you seen my little dog?” She smiled and pointed. I repeated, “Have you seen my dog.” Smiling, pointing, finally, “I don’t speak English.” She jogged off. I yelled, “Jasmine.” From a block away, my barking, gray rat of a terrier came running. After ten minutes of heart in my throat fear, I carried her home.

Monday: Standardized testing hell. Cherry took the English End of Course Exam. Why schedule an EOC on March 29th? The course doesn’t end until June 5. But Coco had it worse. When she finished, she wasn’t allowed to read. She wasn’t allowed to study. She couldn’t leave. Just sit. Don’t move. All day.

Tuesday: This scared me. Do you think they’re real?

Wednesday: Happy New Year! I ate lunch with a friend on April Fools Day. No one pranked us. We were both thankful not to be teaching middle school.

Thursday: Mom Taxi Day. I rushed to deliver one kid from swim practice to school, so I could take the other kid to a doctor’s appointment and back to school. Then I hit the grocery store. First World Problems.

Friday: Good Friday. No school. We all slept in. I didn’t have to drive anywhere.

Saturday: What can I say? I’m a fan.

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