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Wednesday Check-in

Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook: 46 tasks completed out of 591 possible, 6 since 4/7

Miles walked: 2 since 4/7

I also wrote a new scene with a different point of view character. The plot keeps twisting, but the walking isn’t going so well.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Check-in

  1. Your post caught my eye with the 46 tasks completed. I have that book, and most of the tasks in it require a great deal of dedication. I hope you’ll consider sharing more details of your adventures with that book, and what it does for you.


  2. A.M.,
    I just finished Chapter 5: Heightening Larger-Than-Life Qualities. “The follow-up work: Select twenty-four more points in the story where you can heighten or diminish something that your protagonist does, says, or thinks.” Very labor intensive. I began working on this exercise on March 8, so it took more than a month to find and adjust the volume in twenty-five places.

    I write satire. My characters and plot-lines are already over-the-top as a genre requirement. This is a fantastic exercise, and I can see benefits in repeating it in another twenty-four places. Choosing five to ten lines in a scene and heightening or lowering them makes the whole scene bigger. Bigger scenes, bigger novel.

    I’m working through the entire book at what feels like a snail’s pace, but I can tell my work is improving with each revision.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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