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Baseball, Banking, Bicycles, and Batter

•If Goldman Sachs was a baseball player instead of a bank, would it/he be banned from the Hall of Fame?

•Overheard in  Subway Sandwiches:

I can’t. The bicycle is in the freezer.

You left the bicycle in the freezer?

Where else am I going to park it?

At least it isn’t a motorcycle.

•I saw these at the grocery store the other day. Spray pancakes.

Just when I was finally getting over Easy Cheese.

2 thoughts on “Baseball, Banking, Bicycles, and Batter

  1. Spray pancakes? Ewwww….

    On another note, I’m impressed with all the Breakout exercises you’ve done. I know they are not easy things to accomplish, but take a lot of thought and work.


    1. That’s what I thought, Ewwww….

      Thanks for the support, Lauri. It’s a hard slog this week. I wish I were faster. I wish I had an answer to all the well-meaning folk who ask, “Did you finish your book?” My answer is a question, “Is it ever finished?”


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